Self Serve Pet Wash

Self Serve Pet Wash Stations: The Perfect Profitable Business … Even for Beginners

With more and more people looking to save money, self-serve pet wash systems have become the latest craze. As the popularity of these do-it-yourself pet wash facilities continues to grow, people with little or no business experience are taking advantage of an easy and fun business opportunity. Because a self serve pet wash is easy to set up, fun to operate and highly profitable, folks are able to create their own business and start seeing profits almost immediately.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

All Paws Pet Wash For many people, starting a business may seem like an intimidating experience. With so many details from financing to insurance, just getting the doors open can get overwhelming fast.

Luckily, with pet wash stations, the set-up process is so simple it can be completed in no time, leaving you ready to start earning profits almost immediately. In fact, because a self-serve pet wash building is moveable, it’s considered a “vending machine”. In most cases, vending machines do not require land permits or lengthy paperwork to get started. It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Plus, your pet wash station arrives fully assembled, making it super simple to hook up and start washing! Unsure of the profitability of running a self serve pet wash station? You can just finance a pet wash to test out the amazing profits before you commit and buy a self serve dog bath.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Self Serve Pet Wash

Where you decide to place your coin op dog wash business is important for not only ensuring you get plenty of exposure, but also for attracting the right kind of customer. Choose a location that is highly populated and can be accessed easily and conveniently. The only real requirement besides a location that is near a high traffic flow is the appropriate utility hookups including drain, water and electric to run the dog wash equipment.

When choosing the location for your pet wash station, consider other businesses and how they may add value to your business. In other words, you may want to consider being located adjacent to a popular shopping center, petrol station, or even a carwash. The trick is to find a location where you will get the most amount of exposure. Better yet, position yourself close to a dog park where your customers can stop by and wash their dogs after a day at the park. Once the word gets out about the services you provide, people will look for your commercial dog wash.

Starting a business with a self service pet wash is easy. As an opportunity to provide services to those who need them and a convenient way to make extra income, pet wash stations are a great choice.