Benefits of Adding a Pet Wash


If you already own a business and are looking for ways to increase revenue, consider adding a self-serve dog washing station to your existing business.

However, money is only one of the benefits of adding a self-serve pet wash station to your existing business. There are others, like attracting new and repeat customers. Let’s take a closer look at what a self-service pet wash is, and how adding this service to your business is good for you — and your customers.

What Is a Self-Service Pet Wash?pet-wash-station

All Paws Pet Wash stations are fully-functional, self-contained buildings. Our units offer customers self-serve grooming and pet-washing services. We even have a flip-tub option that is used for businesses with limited space. There are also indoor options such as APW, Flip Tub and Cabinet and Tub models.

These pet wash stations allow pet owners to wash their dogs whenever they want and allow you to make money 24/7. These pet washes come in both aluminum and stainless steel models. We can also custom paint the aluminum framed models. Any unit a customer purchases can be designed for their specific location.

These pet wash stations are simple and easy to use, so customers can operate the units from start to finish without assistance. Other benefits include:


  • Pet owners do not have to make appointments.
  • They do not have to spend money buying shampoos and treatments for the home.
  • There is no mess for pet owners to clean up – we like to say your mess is our success!
  • The units are safe and have a restraining leash to keep the dog in the tub, so your pet doesn’t jump out and injure themselves.
  • They have blow driers that blow out room temperature air to keep dogs’ skin from drying out.
  • It takes only minutes for pet owners to get their dogs clean, dry and ready to go home. A typical wash will be £10.00 for 12 minutes.

Benefits for Customers

Imagine your customers having a convenient place to go and wash their dog without trying to wrestle them into the bathtub, or chasing a dripping wet dog around the house after they escape. These coin-operated pet wash stations are a safe, comfortable place for pet lovers to wash and groom their dogs without hassle.

The pet wash station is the best way to get pets clean, and the vacuum sucks the excess water from the dog’s hair to make drying much faster than towel-drying at home.

To learn more about the benefits of adding a self-serve dog wash to your business, you need to know more about the pet industry.

When you add a coin-op dog wash to your existing business that also accepts notes and credit cards, you provide customers with a convenient way to groom their pets. Then, they don’t have to take their pets to a groomer, which can be more costly. You also offer customers a way to reduce the mess created at home when they have to wrestle with a dripping wet dog.

How Much Can You Make?revenue_graphic

The amount of revenue you can generate from a pet-washing station can vary depending on your location, the cost you charge to use your station, the weather and how often it is open.
The average monthly revenue can range from £800 pounds during a slow month and up to £3000 pounds during a busy month, according to the vice president of All Paws Pet Wash, Keith Caldwell.

You can adjust the price so it fits into any market. For example, you may attract more customers if you charge £5 for six minutes of use, instead of £1 per minute. A typical operator will set their units for £10 for 12 minutes.

First time customers are so amazed about how easy is it to wash and groom their dog and quickly become regular customers.

What Else Should You Consider?

The outlook for pet-related businesses looks good, but how can you decide if it’s right for your business venture? Here are some things to consider:

  • Are you looking for something different to offer customers? You can really attract new customers if there aren’t a lot of pet wash facilities in your town. This means new customers for the pet wash and your other business as well. Businesses that would benefit include car washes, convenience stores, veterinarians, campgrounds, dog parks, shopping malls, grooming salons, pet supply stores and more.
  • Do you have space for a pet wash station? The All Paws Pet Wash vending units can be installed indoors or outdoors. There are different models with varying dimensions that may match up well to the space you have available for a pet wash station. The Single ADA813 model is 8ft X 13ft with 4 different door configurations depending on how it is situated on your property. The Double ADA821 model is 8 ft X 21 ft with 2 different door configurations depending on how it is situated on your property. The APW Models measure 95 inches wide, 70 inches tall and 29 inches deep.
  • How much are startup costs? Start up costs can vary widely with self-service pet wash systems, but with All Paws Pet Wash units, you have very little start up and risk. It’s estimated that you can make enough revenue to pay back your investment in as little as two years. We have pet washes ranging from 4k to 55k depending on your options, needs and budget. We work with each customer to find the model that will work best for their situation.
  • What should you charge? The average price for self-service dog wash units are £10 for 12 minutes, but you can set the price depending on your preferences. However, when figuring the return on investment, this is the price used.
  • Do you need insurance? General liability insurance is a good idea. While pet owners are responsible for their dogs or cats, you are responsible for making sure the system is set up correctly and is safe for use.

What Type of Businesses Can Benefit?

While car wash businesses are ideal places to add a self serve pet wash station into an existing wash bay, other businesses can benefit from a coin-operated pet wash station. Here are some examples:

  • Convenient store/petrol station
  • Pet store
  • Dog parks
  • apartment buildings
  • Campgrounds
  • Caravan parks
  • Laundrettes
  • Kennels
  • Pet-friendly hotels
  • Veterinarian office or hospital
  • At the beach
  • Dog day cares
  • Full-service groomers

Even dog rescue centres can benefit from having a pet wash unit set up in their space. This is a low-risk way to raise money for animal care in these facilities.

The businesses that can expect the most success from adding coin-operated dog wash stations are those located in highly-populated residential areas and those that offer pet washing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives people the freedom to wash their dog in the early morning or at midnight if they want, instead of having to wash their dog within business hours. This freedom increases the likelihood that more people will use your pet wash system, especially on the weekends.

All Paws Pet Wash offers different pet wash stations. To decide which one is right to add to your business, we have outlined the available options.

Single ADA813 and Double ADA821 Petwash Units

Our flagship product that has been a staple with us since 2009. The Single ADA813 self serve pet wash accepts bills and coins, and includes a large pet tub. The Double ADA821 includes a larger tub and is ideal for high volume locations.

APW Option Aapw-a_pet-wash

The APW Option A is a good option if you own a car wash or convenience store and want to make some extra revenue with a self-serve pet wash station. This unit comes with a built-in coin and bill receptor, so customers can use it 24/7, and you can make extra income around the clock.

Here’s what you get with APW Option A:

  • Bill/Coin Acceptor
  • Timer
  • Spray Nozzle for Dispensing Soaps
  • Large pet tub
  • Easy push-button system
  • Hair dryer for wash tub
  • Hair straining system
  • Soap starter kit
  • A box of 100 dog treats
  • GFI Electrical outlets

*All APW options are 95 inches long 29 inches deep and 70 inches tall.

APW Flip-Tub

We specifically designed this easy-to-install unit to maximize usable area in small spaces. The APW Flip Tub is ideal for self-serve car wash bays. Customers can still wash their cars comfortably when the tub is flipped up. When the customer is ready to wash their pet, they simply flip down the tub and it is ready to be used!

This unit also comes with a built-in coin and bill receptor, making it convenient for your customers to use 24/7 and allowing you to make extra income.

APW Option C

This is a good option for apartment communities, caravan parks, campgrounds, dog groomers and private communities that want to offer the pet wash system as an amenity. You, the business owner, decides when and who can use the pet wash station. You make it available to only those who have an allowance to use it.

The APW Option C includes:

  • An easy 3-button system—on/off, rinse and dry
  • Large tub
  • Hair dryer for wash tub
  • Maintenance cabinet
  • Hair straining system
  • A box of 100 treats

Every All Paws Pet Wash unit is an ideal way to earn some extra income without investing a great deal of time and money. Because our customer base already exists in great numbers, proving this service is in demand, you can feel confident about your pet wash generating customers and extra income as soon as it’s open.

How Can All Paws Pet Wash Help Your Business?

How can All Paws Pet Wash helps you tap into this booming industry? Let’s take a look. When you set up one of these pet-washing stations, you’ll have:

  • A business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • A coin-operated business that requires little maintenance
  • A quality product with low startup cost
  • A variety of package options for an array of industries
  • Pet treat vending machines inside for customers to use before and after the wash
  • A vacuum and dryer to dry the pets after the wash
  • Heated water in the winter and cool water in the summer
  • Different types of shampoos and treatments for your customers’ pets
  • A disinfectant spray to use to clean out the pet wash before and after the wash

The pet wash comes fully assembled. All you have to do is hook up the utilities, and you hardly need any equipment to do so. Here’s what the systems provides for your customer:

  • Six wash cycles that include Oat, Flea and Tick Shampoo, Tearless, Pet Deodorizer, Conditioner, and Tub Disinfectant
  • A high-volume rinse
  • Non-slip mats in the tub
  • Push button controls with easy-to-read instructions
  • Groomer-grade blow dryer

You’ll generate more traffic for your existing business while making extra income with a self-service pet wash. A typical location draws between 100-200 customers a month – just thiextra-incomenk what another 100-200 customers a month using your other services would do to your bottom line!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity or you already own a business and would like to add the benefits of a coin-operated pet wash, All Paws Pet Wash has a variety of unit options and pet supplies.

With All Paws Pet Wash manufactured by CCSI International, Inc, you have the opportunity to add to your existing business with practically no overhead and no risk to you. Why not contact All Paws Pet Wash and ask how you can set up a system, make extra profit and offer your customers the convenience of a self-serve dog wash. It’s a Tail Waggin’ Good Time!