Garfield Sponsored Pet Washes

Meet the new All Paws Pet Wash spokesperson…

Garfield All Paws Pet Wash

What you might not know about our new pet wash spokesperson is that he appears in 2400 newspapers every day and is read by 200 million people! His show is one of the top rated TV shows on Cartoon Network. The friendly feline is also known beyond the borders of the USA – Garfield is recognized in 111 countries. And, more than just a cartoon character, Garfield has been in books and movies and is even on Facebook!

Star Facts

  • + 135 million books sold
  • + 2 hit films grossing $340 million
  • + over 7.5 million fans on Facebook


Garfield and All Paws Pet Wash

As a prominent sponsor of pet products, Garfield has joined the team by partnering up for some very custom pet washing stations. Check out our new favorite cat as he quickly gets the hang of the easy-to-use dog wash by giving his creator, Jim Davis, a bath! Watch the video now.

To learn more about having your own Garfield inspired pet wash or where you can visit one with your pooch, contact Keith Caldwell today.