Do you own a business that could benefit from the addition of a pet wash? Do you have limited space? Are you looking to save some money in the process?

If so, a Cabinet and Tub combo would be a perfect addition to your business. A Cabinet and Tub combo is an APW that has no built-in walls but has the added ability to be arranged into smaller, confined spaces. The cabinet measures only 24″ wide by 12″ deep and is connected to the tub only by a hose, allowing you to configure the shape to your liking. Cabinet and Tub combos can either be free amenities, using our 3 button interface (Rinse, Dry, Off) or can be set up to generate revenue with our 9 button interface and is fitted with a coin and note acceptor (optional credit card reader,) making them available for use 24/7. Like all of our products, the Cabinet and Tub model is fully customisable!

Pet Wash Flip Tub
Separate Tub

Our Cabinet and Tub models feature a unique set-up that allows the tub to be placed at a separate angle from the cabinet. Arrange them side by side or set the unit up in a corner. These units still drain like our other units do with the help of gravity and a pitched tub. 


Every model we offer is fully customisable. Work closely with our team of designers to make your pet wash uniquely yours. Choose from over 50 colors to perfectly compliment your brand. Customisation is always included in the cost of your unit.

6 Unique Soaps

Just like the Option A, our Cabinet and Tub comes with a start-up kit containing one gallon each of our six soaps. These soaps include: Oat Shampoo, Tearless Shampoo, Conditioner, Flea & Tick Remover, Pet Deodorizer and Tub Disinfectant. Purchase refills at our sister site:

Cabinet Tub
Full List of Features

• Large Pet Tub (Size is customisable!)
• Optional Coin & Note Acceptor
• Dixmor Timer
• Push Button System – ADA Compliant
• Wash Tub [Including All Paws Pet Wash Plumbing]
• Fur Dryer for Wash Tub
• Informational Signage
• All Paws Pet Wash GFI Electrical Outlets
• All Paws Hair Straining System
• Soap Start Up Kit – 1 gallon of each soap
• Treats – 1 box of 100 treats

Where would I install one of these?

• Car Wash
• Campground/Caravan Park
• Convenient store/petrol station
• Pet Store
• Dog Park
• Kennel
• Pet-Friendly Hotel
• Apartment Building
• Veterinarian Office or Hospital
• Dog Friendly Beach
• Anywhere you're trying to save space!

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